Strange then, comparing this dated, old coupe in terms of features and technology to newer designs, that obviously have more technology. Sorry, don’t know of any aftermarkets for seats or windscreens for the SC. You are much lower and more snug in the SC, dont know if this helps, but my point is that when you are accomodated to one thing anything else seems really odd. However, the available run-flat tires have very stiff sidewalls that “make the ride borderline harsh. The fun flat tires are a disaster.

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Susono, Shizuoka Higashi Fuji plant [4].

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But it does turn sharply, better than most, and gets there quickly when asked to and downshifted to D3. More like the Cheesecake Factory.

In contrast with the previous generation model, the redesigned Lexus SC was intended as a convertible from its inception. They are comfortable, though. I remember reading about it back then.

Lexus SC Review – The Truth About Cars

I think this is one of the few cars that everyone can agree on: Its engine may be quieter than a Quaker meeting in a sound-proof booth, but there’s plenty of wind and tire noise, top up or down. Their customer base is elsewhere, to say the least.


Everyone else raves about almost everything about the car. He doesn’t have this problem in the carrera. The SC is a competent, comfortable luxury cruiser. I think the seat heaters are just top of the line.

Still, in the world of Lexus, less is talll. My ride this week is the ES I have drove about everything there is on the road.

Of Mice and Men”. Lexus will continue to eat the lunch of all competitors.

Steering is precise, though there is a bit more understeer than we’d like. I love how it rides, how comfortable the seats are, how easily the GPS works, how great the sound is from the Mark Levinson stereo, how easy it is to put the top down, and how beautiful it is. It has k on it, still running smoothly, and i never have issues with it.

When will car lexsu understand that they cannot judge ALL cars by the same standard? The American Calty design team took a different approach to designing the car, [8] using plaster molding shapes to design the body, [6] and working three-dimensionally instead of the traditional 2-D sketch approach. ForbesAutos calls the Lexus SC rear seats “virtually unusable,” but suggests that they may be needed for storage because of limited trunk space. And the cowled gauges are garish and out of sc4300.


I must say I am surprised by your comment. Still, keep in mind that at 60Kish the car comes fully loaded, it even has navigation. Different platforms, engines, transmissions.

Coupes should be firm flagships and style vanguards: M Levinson system is one of the best brands out there. I meant across the site, for all articles. I was on the list to get the first one in my state. I love the car, but the wind on my forehead when the top was down made me feel like the villain “Jaws” in the James Bond movie, where his head stuck through the roof when driving.

TMS replies to claims of Toyota and Lexus models facing axe”.

Lexus SC – Wikipedia

The buttons’ action seems carefully designed to fool blind people into thinking they’re in a Toyota even if they are. They are the easiest to see Sd430 have ever known of? I also like the convertible feature of the car, easy to open it up and close.