For bandwidth constrained environments you may be interested in using Framehawk or H. Do not use video codec — Simply disable video codec compression. The setting Readonly clipboard does not apply to 7. Over time the project evolved in much more then only showing you real-time information that matters, Remote Display Analyzer is also able to show you which settings you can change and change them on the fly! Change the Categories drop-down to End User Monitoring. Can increase user density per server as client device resources are used for composition rather than the VDA. You might be interested in.

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Look at the bandwidth consumption below when lossless is enabled. Which HDX display mode should you be using? Note that these templates contain other settings apart from graphics related policies which compliment each other.

George Spiers November 15, Heavy encoding means CPU is needed to compress the data to levrl sent over the wire. To force Thinwire Plus, set it to Do not use video codec. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Install HDX Monitor on a machine such as a management tools machine.

Enforces most policies that are enabled by default apart from High visual quality and Best quality printing which are configured to be higher than what is set by default. Still unsure what to use?


It seems that the WMI data between 7. Hypervisor Monitoring and Proactive Alerts in Director.

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Will this be ok? November 9, You can find all downloads over at https: Make a policy which applies a low level of Lossy compression for you LAN users and filter them on internal IP ranges and give it a higher priority then thinwite default policy. You might be interested in.

The encoding and decoding procedure results in extra CPU processing on VDA and end-user device so keep this in mind as it will affect server scalability. The main goal of Remote Display Analyzer is to thimwire the display modes understandable by showing only applicable information thibwire the detected display mode. Citrix recommend you use one of these templates based on your requirements and if you need to tweak the policy slightly you can.

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Matheen November 13, Graphics Status Indicator can be yhinwire in a Citrix policy in the user half in the Category named Graphics. Your subscription must be activated. Disabled Client microphone redirection: George Spiers September 6, Jasper July thinwige, I also think the default Out-of-the-Box configuration is fine for most environments, but as you can see there are possibilities to change the default behavoir of Adaptive Display slightly to fit your needs.


If you have a use case for DCR enabling this may also improve user density per server.

RFC – Thinwire protocol for connecting personal computers to the Internet

In progressive update mode, all images are heavily compressed and text quality is reduced. However it seems that when starting a session all or most of the session are using the CompatibilityEncoder, but after a couple of time many sessions are switched to DeepCompressionv2Encoder. A minor question, though: It helps you tninwire which configuration fits best in your environment and will help you detect miss configured settings and resource bottlenecks.

The same codec that is used by many video sites to deliver high quality video across the internet which is compressed using H.

Graphics command scheduling so more critical tasks can run in priority to improve user experience. After an update to 7.