Zanna 50k 13 It could be you are missing some build dependencies. Join Date May Beans 3. Currently running Ubuntu 9. Do the same an cut and paste the result in your question. You’ll see something similar to the following screenshot.

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When it comes time for me to upgrade to a higher quality tablet, also do not expect me to purchase a tablet that I will not be able to use. To install the basic build stuff enter: I still love Linux though because it’s running on this rickety old Toshiba while the Windows on the other side of the partition is ancient and takes forever to hanvin do the hahvon thing!

Just the number of users that would begin using a Hanvon tablet with Linux should be enough to spread the word about Hanvon and gain you very hefty increase in sales.

Submit a new text post. If you help me, you will also be helping yourself, and for which I will do my best to help you. Sure try make all.

If your question has been answered, please mark your thread as [Resolved]use the flair drop-down on your submission to do so! They allegedly exist somewhere, but I don’t know where. Join Date Sep Beans 1. This subreddit is for any question pertaining to Linux from beginner to advanced.


Hanvon USB Artmaster tablet is supported in Linux now | Libre Graphics World

But you need the source code of the driver to use it and for writing a driver you must know very well your janvon hardware, the interface with the PC, the linux kernel, and be a quite good programmer.

Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. If nothing happens, or the kernels says that a USB device is connected but it is not detected as a tablet, it means that your tablet has no driver for Linux you need to ask the manufacturer.

I found some information on the “make” comand but I think that is out of my Ubuntu depth. It won’t do anything. One way of checking it is the following:. Now connect your tablet. Please try to only make helpful replies to questions. All depends if it’s recognized by the kernel i.

Hanvon Tablet Driver for Linux (Hanvon8) – Solus Forums

In a terminal change directory into the unpacked hanvon folder, i. Post as a guest Name.

It could be you are missing some build dependencies. March 14th, 4. I already have all those packages.


I am not really here to request hwnvon of those; I’m just here to let you know what while Linux is becoming much more popular around the world, you are causing yourself to lose many many sales due to the fact that Wacom supports Linux and not Hanvon. And I’ve tried ‘make all’ but it still gives me the same message.

Hanvon Tablet Driver for Linux

Sadly these seem to be unsupported now and becoming unreliable in recent Ubuntu releases, to the point where linuux are no longer working at all on a clean installation of Ubuntu It wouldn’t even make those folders at first Want to add to the discussion? Something should appear at the bottom; for example with mine I have this I added the highlight after that: Just tried installing them but it said I already have all the essential packages.

Is this possible to do with the Hanvon Paint Master tablets?