I have exported from Live, but never thought to perform via the Session view and have that be tracked in the arrangement view. Do you already have an account? My old way of working was to ‘play’ out a song in Ableton session view with Audacity recording in the background. I’ve had my share of troubles with sound drivers in Audacity, after a lot of messing with the settings it works ok now. The only way round this is to compile Audacity yourself. Only one problem I’ve witnessed this far in my use of the App, the App doesn’t support Quicktime in its current compiled version so if you have M4A files you wish to work with then you may be out of luck, I’m not surprised by this and there may of course be workarounds, that’s something I’ll look into but in the meantime? This is a link to the Windows installer:

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Monday, 1 October 7: Well, I’ve looked into this a bit. Did you try all possible settings for drivers in Audacity?


Audacity replacement for ASIO pc

Billy yes I tried playing around with the settings, By default because of it’s open distribution model Audacity cannot support ASIO which is in someway non-distributable, so from what I read it was not going to be possible to do it without tweaking the source of Audacity.

Thanks for the information.

Since i have other apps i can bare without audacity myself but for those who want a free alternative you may want to try it out. Your name or email address: RollinAug 21, This is a link to the Windows installer: Hi Hamit, due to licencing issues, the standard version of Audacity does not support Asio. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

HouseAddictAug 21, Yes, my password is: Subject of the new topic: Do audaclty already have an account? No need for learning coding. Make sure in your windows assuming here mixer for playback devices, that you right click and choose to show all the devices.

Your email is included with the abuse report. I have exported from Live, but never thought to perform via the Session view and have that be tracked in the arrangement view. Good that its still accessible at least on one Operating System.


It does not work from what i have experienced. Production Aug 21, I’m using it here now and thanks again David for the download link.

Compling Audacity with ASIO on Windows 7

On 2 Octat BillyTheClit time tripping again Audacity can’t seem to record anything now. This cannot be undone. I guess I’d need to learn to code then.

On Mon, Oct 1, at This way I could get a quick mp3 of a WIP without sequencing it out audacitu exporting.

There is an explanation and semi-complicated fix for Audacity here: Are you sure you wish to delete this message from the message archives of all-audio groups. I find it silly SF Audio Studio doesn’t though. Detailed instructions are in the builtin tutorials. The new topic auvacity begin with this message. BUt i could be wrong. On 2 Octat 8: